Ride High Country – 7 Peaks

Victoria's 7 Peaks road cycling challenge. Takes you up the road rides of Hotham, Mt Buffalo, Dinner Plain, Mt Buller & Falls Creek, Lake Mountain & Baw Baw

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The background

We were approached by Tourism North-East to build a custom WordPress Plugin that powers the Ride High Country website and the mobile App for Victoria’s 7 Peaks Ride. The 7 Peak Ride is an at-your-own pace cycling challenge which runs from October to April each year, taking you up winding mountain roads, around steep turns and past spectacular views right to the top of seven Victorian Alpine Resorts.

The project

The goal of the WordPress Plugin was to allow riders to register for the 7 Peaks Digital Passport, which was previously a manual process both for the rider and Ride High Country.

The result

The 7 Peaks Digital Passport now allows riders to record their cycling efforts via the Strava application. The previous verification method used to be a massive time restraint on store owners and staff having to stamp the cyclists passport each ride and an inconvenience for cyclists who would often ride outside of business hours.Approximately 700 riders registered on launch day. The Digital Passport has become a huge success with over 1900 enthusiastic cyclists across Australia participating for the challenge.The website and mobile App now displays leadership boards of the cyclists friends and other challengers, so they can see who has participated overall.Data can now be extracted to a CSV file to obtain crucial analytics such as approximate age and demographic of cyclists. This is a big win for Ride High Country as they previously didn't have access to this information. Now they are able to market to this list in the future.

7 Peaks - Desktop Version

Radically reduced staff admin hours

7 Peaks - iPad Version
7 Peaks - mobile app - home
7 Peaks - mobile app

1900+ registered users across Australia

The 7 Peaks App was launched and we had a great response, over 700 people registered within 24 hours!

James Callander