Williamstown CYMS Football Club

Representing Williamstown in the Victorian Amateur Football Association.

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The background

Established in 1886, Williamstown CYMS Football Club is one of Australia’s oldest sporting clubs. The Club over its long history has played a significant role in the Williamstown community, bringing people together in its sporting endeavours for over 120 years.

The project

After winning the tender to redesign the Williamstown CYMS Football Club we began to strategise with the football club committee members to determine the pain points with the current system. We then worked with the team to develop a custom solution.

The result

Drastically reduced administration hours for the Williamstown CYMS Football Club volunteers, thanks to streamlined/automatic processes set up on the website.

Earlier payment collection - customers can process an order or membership at any time and not just when they're at the club or at training.

Improved communications and marketing of the club.

Greater financial security, checks and balances - payments processed via the website are legitimate, whereas in the past potential cash handling of apparel orders etc. meant there was a higher risk of money going missing.

Easier to keep track of stock levels and sales.

Club members receive discounts for merchandise or events just by logging into their account.

Event tickets can be purchased directly from the website, keeping all records of sales in the same area as the club merchandise sales.

Desktop Version Home Page - Williamstown FC

Greater financial security with payments processed via website

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Radically reduced volunteers workload

Launch Digital are extremely professional, creative and proactive. They listened to our needs and made the whole process very straightforward and easy to understand for those of us who aren’t up with the web “lingo”! Highly recommend.

Stephanie Payne