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The Challenge

Tourism North-East approached us with a specific requirement to develop a custom WordPress plugin for the popular Falls Creek website.

The plugin needed to seamlessly integrate with the Beaver Builder page builder and provide essential features such as displaying the Falls Creek weather report 24/7 and a curated social media feed. These functionalities were crucial for enhancing the Ski Resort's website and delivering a seamless user experience.




The Objective

The goal of the project was to transform the Committee for Wyndham's website into a modern and user-friendly platform that effectively engaged visitors.

The website aimed to attract new members, facilitate newsletter subscriptions, streamline event registrations, and integrate podcasts and events on-site, eliminating the need for external redirects.


The Solution

To address the requirements of Falls Creek Ski Resort, we developed a custom WordPress plugin that integrated seamlessly with the Beaver Builder page builder, offering the following key features:

  1. Live Snow Cameras: The plugin incorporated a module with three tabs. Selecting a tab would reveal live snow camera footage from various locations around Falls Creek. This feature allowed visitors to view real-time snow conditions and make informed decisions.
  2. Hand-Picked Videos: The plugin provided a display of curated videos from the Falls Creek YouTube channel. Users could access and watch videos that showcased the resort's attractions, events, and activities, providing an immersive experience.
  3. Social Media Feeds: The plugin integrated social media feeds from Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The module allowed users to view posts from these platforms and offered the ability to filter which posts appeared. Clicking on a social media post would open the content in a larger format for better visibility and engagement.
  4. Weather Report: The plugin ensured that the Falls Creek weather report was accessible 24/7. Users could stay updated on weather conditions and plan their skiing or snowboarding activities accordingly.

“The feedback on the new website has been positive and we know from the number of people enrolling that they’re finding it easy to use.”

Dean Cleave-Smith
Tourism North-East

The Results

The development of the custom WordPress plugin for Falls Creek Ski Resort's website achieved significant success and positive feedback:

  1. Enhanced User Experience: The plugin provided a seamless and engaging user experience, allowing visitors to access live snow camera footage, curated videos, and social media feeds all within the website. This contributed to increased user engagement and satisfaction.
  2. Increased Website Traffic: The weather report and live snow cameras accessed by millions of visitors during the ski season, attracted more users to the Falls Creek website. The availability of real-time weather information and snow conditions became a valuable resource for skiers and snowboarders.
  3. Positive Feedback: The module's functionality and user-friendly design received overwhelming positive feedback from visitors. The plugin's ability to curate relevant content, filter social media posts, and provide a larger view for better visibility was well-received.


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