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Operating in a highly competitive industry, Invotec pride themselves on offering small business IT solutions delivered to the highest standard.


The Challenge

Invotec approached us after experiencing a lack of enquiries through their existing website, which also appeared outdated. 

A referral from a satisfied client led them to seek a solution to attract the right customers and revitalise their online presence.




The Objective

The objective of the project was to revamp Invotec's website, refining the messaging to target the ideal customer while overhauling the layout and design to align with their brand.

The goals were to increase enquiries, improve the website's visual appeal, and enhance their online visibility through effective keyword targeting.


The Solution

To address Invotec's challenges, we implemented a comprehensive strategy that focused on refining the messaging, redesigning the website, and enhancing online visibility. The key elements of our solution were as follows:

  1. Messaging Refinement: We worked closely with Invotec to refine their messaging, ensuring it resonated with their target customer. By crafting compelling and targeted content, we aimed to attract the right audience and encourage enquiries.
  2. Website Redesign: The existing website underwent a complete overhaul to modernise its design and improve user experience. While ensuring consistency with the Invotec brand, we implemented a new layout and design that reflected their industry expertise and professionalism.
  3. SEO Optimisation: To enhance online visibility, we conducted thorough keyword research and optimization. By targeting relevant and competitive keywords, we aimed to improve Invotec's rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs) and increase organic traffic to the website.

“We're flat out with enquiries and when asking clients how they found us, majority say from a Google search”

Prior to working with Launch Digital we were lucky to receive one enquiry a month via the website.

Since then, the Launch Digital team transformed our website and are running an SEO campaign, which has us ranked in the top 3 for highly relevant and competitive keywords.

We're flat out with enquiries and when asking clients how they found us, majority say from a Google search.

Anthony Fisher
Director, Sales
Invotec Solutions

The Results

The implementation of the website redesign and SEO optimisation for Invotec resulted in significant improvements and successful outcomes:

  1. Increased Enquiries: The refined messaging and revamped website led to a consistent flow of enquiries each week. By aligning the content with the target customer's needs and improving the user experience, the website became a more effective lead generation tool.
  2. Improved Online Visibility: Through strategic keyword targeting and optimisation, Invotec achieved top-three rankings for several high volume competitive keywords. This improved visibility on search engines, ensuring a steady stream of relevant traffic to their website.
  3. Dominant Source of Traffic: Google emerged as the dominant source of traffic to the Invotec website. The combination of improved SEO performance and user-friendly design led to increased organic traffic and improved online visibility.


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