Ride High Country 7 Peaks

Victoria's 7 Peaks road cycling challenge. Takes you up the road rides of Hotham, Mt Buffalo, Dinner Plain, Mt Buller & Falls Creek, Lake Mountain & Baw Baw


The Challenge

Tourism North-East approached us with a challenge to develop a custom WordPress plugin and mobile app that would transform the experience of Victoria's 7 Peaks Ride.

The existing manual process of obtaining passport stamps for each ride from store owners posed difficulties for riders and placed a burden on store owners.




The Objective

The goal was to create a seamless digital solution that allowed riders to register for the 7 Peaks Digital Passport and record their rides at any time, eliminating the need for manual verification.

The focus was on providing riders with a digital passport system that allowed them to register, record their rides using the Strava application, and access real-time leaderboards.

The solution aimed to improve convenience for riders, reduce strain on store owners, and enable crucial data analytics for staff.


The Solution

To address the challenges faced by the Committee for Wyndham, a comprehensive website enhancement strategy was implemented, focusing on the following key aspects:

  1. Modern Design and Improved Navigation: The website underwent a complete design overhaul to give it a contemporary and visually appealing look. User-friendly navigation structures and clear calls to action were implemented to enhance the overall user experience and make it easier for visitors to find the desired information.
  2. Performance Optimisation: The website's loading speed and performance were optimised to ensure a seamless and efficient user experience. This included implementing caching techniques, optimising image sizes, and streamlining code to minimise loading times.
  3. Membership and Subscription Features: Dedicated sections were created to promote membership benefits and encourage visitors to join the Committee for Wyndham. The website integrated user-friendly forms for newsletter subscriptions, making it convenient for users to stay updated with the latest news and updates.
  4. Streamlined Event Registrations: The website incorporated a seamless event registration system, allowing users to browse and register for upcoming events directly on the website. This eliminated the need for external redirects, creating a more cohesive user experience.
  5. On-Site Podcast and Event Hosting: The website was equipped with the necessary infrastructure to host podcasts and events directly on the site. This provided visitors with a unified experience, enabling them to access and engage with podcasts and event content without being redirected to external platforms.

“The 7 Peaks App was launched and we had a great response, over 700 people registered within 24 hours!”

James Callander
Marketing Manager
Tourism North-East

The Results

The implementation of the custom WordPress plugin and mobile app yielded significant positive outcomes for the 7 Peaks Ride experience:

  1. Increased Participation: The launch of the 7 Peaks Digital Passport witnessed an impressive registration of approximately 700 riders on the first day. Since then, over 1,900 enthusiastic cyclists from across Australia have participated in the challenge, showcasing the success and popularity of the digital passport system.
  2. Enhanced Convenience and User Experience: Riders experienced enhanced convenience with the ability to register and record their rides at any time using the Strava application. The digital passport system eliminated the reliance on manual verification and store owners, offering a seamless and user-friendly experience.
  3. Engaging Leaderboards: Real-time leaderboards on the website and mobile app created a sense of competition and motivation among riders. The visibility of their progress and rankings fostered engagement and a community spirit, further enhancing the 7 Peaks Ride experience.
  4. Valuable Data Insights: The ability to extract data analytics provided staff with crucial insights into participation trends and rider demographics. This data-driven approach allowed for informed decision-making and the opportunity to further optimize the 7 Peaks Ride experience.


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