Williamstown CYMS Football Club

Representing Williamstown in the Victorian Amateur Football Association.


The Challenge

The committee members of Williamstown CYMS Football Club approached us with the need to redesign their website.

As volunteers, they found themselves investing significant time in manual administrative tasks that could be automated through an updated website.

They sought a solution that would streamline club operations, improve communication, enhance marketing efforts, and provide greater financial security.




The Objective

The objective of the project was to revamp the Williamstown CYMS Football Club's website, incorporating an eCommerce component to facilitate online merchandise sales, streamline club membership and player registration processes, automate fee payments, and improve communication and marketing capabilities.

The aim was to reduce administrative hours for volunteers, enhance financial security, and deliver an improved member experience.


The Solution

To address the challenges faced by the Williamstown CYMS Football Club, a comprehensive website redesign strategy was implemented, focusing on the following key elements:

  1. eCommerce Integration: The website was equipped with an eCommerce component, enabling the Club to sell merchandise online. This streamlined the sales process, allowing members and supporters to purchase merchandise conveniently through the website. Discounts for club members were automatically applied upon login.
  2. Streamlined Membership and Registration: The website incorporated streamlined membership and player registration processes. Members and players could now register and pay their fees online, eliminating the need for manual processing and in-person payments. The online system ensured secure and efficient fee management.
  3. Improved Communication and Marketing: The new website enhanced communication within the Club through the integration of blog posts and sponsor logos on rotation. Members could stay updated with the latest news and announcements, while sponsors received greater exposure. The website served as a centralized platform for effective marketing and communication efforts.
  4. Financial Security and Inventory Management: Payments for memberships, registrations, and merchandise were processed securely through the website, eliminating the need for cash handling. This improved financial security for the Club and provided an easier way to track sales and stock levels.
  5. Event Ticketing: The website facilitated direct purchase of event tickets, allowing the Club to manage ticketing in-house. This streamlined the ticketing process and provided a comprehensive overview of event attendance.

“Launch Digital is extremely professional, creative and proactive.”

Launch Digital is extremely professional, creative and proactive.

They listened to our needs and made the whole process very straightforward and easy to understand for those of us who aren't up with the web "lingo"!

Highly recommended.

Stephanie Payne
Williamstown CYMS Football Club

The Results

The revamp of the Williamstown CYMS Football Club's website yielded significant improvements in operations and member experience:

  1. Reduced Administrative Hours: The new website automated various administrative tasks, significantly reducing the manual workload for volunteers. Streamlined membership registration, fee payments, and merchandise sales allowed volunteers to focus their time and efforts on other areas.
  2. Enhanced Marketing and Communication: The integration of blog posts and sponsor logos improved marketing efforts and communication within the Club. Members received timely updates, while sponsors received increased visibility, fostering a stronger sense of community and engagement.
  3. Greater Financial Security: Secure online payments replaced cash handling, improving financial security for the Club. Real-time tracking of sales and inventory levels provided better control over stock management.
  4. Improved Member Experience: Members benefited from the convenience of online fee payments, merchandise discounts, and easy event ticket purchases. The website provided a seamless user experience, enhancing member satisfaction.


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