9 Reasons You Shouldn’t Hire Us to Build Your Website


Are you tired of making sensible decisions when it comes to web development? Do you secretly yearn for an online presence that’s a genuine disaster in the making? If so, you’ve come to the wrong web design agency but the right article. So, all in all, you’re in the right place. 

Let’s delve into nine reasons you absolutely, positively, and enthusiastically shouldn’t hire us to build your website.

1. You Get a Kick Out of Terrible Customer Service

Are you a fan of long response times, unhelpful answers, and a complete lack of empathy? Do you enjoy waiting for days on end for a vague and unhelpful response to your urgent enquiries? Does the idea of your web design agency treating you like a distant cousin twice removed give you a warm, fuzzy feeling? Well, we’re sorry to disappoint, but we haven’t yet mastered the art of leaving our clients in the dark.

You may get a thrill from infuriating customer service, but we’re unfortunately terrible at inefficiency and unresponsiveness. When you partner with us, you can stow away your smoke signals and put your carrier pigeons out to pasture. Our friendly team will always be responsive and attentive to your needs. Whether it’s an urgent project or a pressing question, you’ll get action on your requests right away. 

2. Improving Conversions? Nah, You’d Rather Crack Open a Can of VB

Conversions? Pfft, who needs ’em? If you’re all about maintaining that status quo, you need a website that’s expertly designed to deter visitors from taking any action. From confusing navigation to hidden call-to-action buttons, you’ll be all set to embrace the art of stagnation. If this is the experience you’re after, we probably won’t be able to help you. 

​​While we completely support your love of VB, we’re all about improving conversions and driving results. From creating compelling call-to-actions to optimising user journeys, we’ll work tirelessly to turn your website into a conversion-producing powerhouse. 

3. You’re on a Quest to Reach the Bottom of the Search Engine Rankings

SEO? Nah, not your thing. If you have an undying desire to stay hidden in the darkest corners of the internet, you need a set of skills we simply don’t possess. There certainly are plenty of outdated techniques that will guarantee your disappearance from search engine results. Our team just wouldn’t have the heart to put them into action for you. 

Launch Digital’s SEO experts love the thrill of getting clients to page 1. So if you dream of reaching new heights and being visible to your target audience, we’re your go-to guides. Our Rankings Rocket Scientists specialise in modern, ethical SEO techniques that propel your website to the top of the rankings. We’ll optimise your content, fine-tune your keywords, and ensure your online presence shines brightly among your competitors. Perfect for those who want to stand out; not so great if you enjoy obscurity. 

4. You Believe Traffic Appears Without Any Effort

If you’re as keen as we are to see your website rise to the top, that’s a great start. But do you believe building a website guarantees a flood of visitors without any effort on your part? If so, we need to let you in on a kind of scary secret. If you’re not willing to invest in marketing efforts to attract your target audience, your website might remain a hidden gem in the vast wilderness of the internet. When we say “vast wilderness,” we’re not exaggerating. Researchers have found that more than 90% of websites get no organic traffic. 

Thankfully, our clients have a perfect track record of avoiding this digital wasteland. However, they uniformly get the best results when they’re just as committed as we are to driving traffic to their beautiful new websites. Driving traffic to your website requires strategic marketing, SEO, and a sprinkle of moon dust (okay, maybe not the last one). If this sounds like your energy, we’d love to discuss your ideas.

5. Deadlines Schmeadlines! You Prefer Projects to Age Like Fine Wine

Time management? Overrated! If you love delays, unexpected hurdles, and a complete disregard for deadlines, we’re probably not the agency for you.

If you value time and efficiency, then you’ll love the Launch Digital approach. We respect your deadlines as much as we respect your time (which is a lot, in case you’re wondering). From project planning to execution, we maintain a streamlined process to deliver your website on time or ahead of schedule. No more dragging on endlessly. With us, your website will be ready to impress your audience from day one.

6. Your Website Budget Is Composed of Coins You Found Behind Your Sofa

Do you firmly believe that websites can be built on hopes, dreams, and a pocketful of loose change? Well, we hate to break it to you, but your budget might be better suited to a Guide Dog donation box than a professional website. 

We take pride in our craft and expertise, and the unavoidable truth is that creating a high-quality website requires investment. If you’re looking for a bargain (and all the corners that will inevitably get cut with it), we’re not the web design agency for you. 

7. You Have “Ghost Client” Syndrome 

Are you hoping to sit back and let the website elves create your dream online presence while you sip cocktails on the beach? We feel you on the desire to veg out, and honestly, we’re not entirely opposed to being called “website elves.” But there’s no getting around the fact that crafting your perfect website will be a collaborative project. 

As much as we’d love to read your mind and bring your exact vision to life without you having to say a word, our web design team is still waiting for their mind-reading powers to kick in. So, at key points, we’re going to need your input and participation. Of course, we’ll handle all the digital grunt work. But we’ll also develop a collaborative partnership with you, ensuring we’re able to translate your dreams and goals into a sleek and beautifully functional online presence. 

8. You Expect Warp-Speed Web Design

This is yet another dealbreaker we genuinely understand. When you have big ideas and you can see them perfectly in your head, it’s devilishly hard to be patient. However, if you can’t let go of the idea that your website should be up and running in a single afternoon, we might not be your ideal partners.  

Building a high-quality website takes time, effort, and careful planning. Rushing the process can lead to subpar results that drive your audience to the competition. If you’re keen to help your competitors out, that’s an excellent strategy for doing so. But if you’re willing to give us the time and space to craft an extraordinary website, then you’ll have the right foundation for launching your own business to new heights. 

9.  You Want Us to Just Follow Orders – No Thinking Required

If you’re on the lookout for web designers who obey your every command without ever offering a friendly suggestion, then we must confess, that’s not our style. We believe in being your creative partners, not just order-takers. While we’ll always value your ideas, our team can’t resist sharing their expertise and offering suggestions to take your website from decent to outstanding. 

Determined to get your website your way with no input from anyone else? We’re probably not your agency. If you like the idea of partnering with designers who’ll elevate your ideas with their industry expertise and creative talent, we have the perfect web design team for you. 

In the end, if you’re searching for a web design agency that embraces frustration, inefficiency, and stagnation, we humbly admit, we’re not the agency for you. We lack the superpower of terrible customer service, and we haven’t got the knack for tanking conversions. Instead, we believe in transparency, honesty, and collaboration, and our goal is to create a website that not only dazzles but also delivers tangible results.

If you’re looking for a web design and digital marketing experience that’s smooth, results-driven, and tailored to your success, then Launch Digital has the talented team you’re seeking. We’re all about boosting conversions, soaring through search engine rankings, and delivering projects on time with precision. So, fasten your virtual roller skates, and let’s create a website that’ll leave everyone else in the dust.

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