A business hat trick


Sometimes life hits you unexpectedly with surprising events. It was February 22, 2017, what I thought was going to be a normal day.

Hat Trick #1

I was going through my morning routine, and jumped on Facebook, only to receive a surprising notification that I’d won an award: Women’s Business Society’s ‘Business Woman of the Month’ (woo hoo, because I’ve never won anything in my life)! I was being recognised for my effort and success.

It’s a great feeling to be acknowledged for how far you’ve come in your business and what you’ve achieved in a short period of time.

Hat Trick #2

I was then approached to do a Podcast Interview, which was actually a lot of fun! The topic was 5 Small Changes To Increase Leads To Your Website. I also got the chance to speak about my business journey.

I started WP Launch Me officially in the last half of 2016. Prior to that, I worked for an organisation as a graphic and web designer for over 10 years until I was made redundant while on maternity leave. It took me a couple of months to get over it emotionally and then I had a decision to make. I could go back to the craziness of a 9-5 job where I would need to get up early, drop one child off at daycare, and the other one off at before school care. Then repeat for after school care and only get to spend weekends with my children.
Or I could start my own business with flexible hours that suited my lifestyle.

Now I get to have breakfast with my kids and do the school drop off and pick up with my eldest, who just started school this year.

For me, being a business owner means flexible working hours around my family, and the ability to still contribute to the household income. I’ve also always wanted to show my children that there are alternatives to working a job. That they can direct their future into something they love and are good at combined with determination, hard work and a desire to help others.

At WP Launch Me we’re known for our passion and energy. We’re able to visually capture the essence of a business and build websites with a focus on generating revenue. We’re experts in web design and development and online marketing.

I’ve had a 100% success rate in creating custom website designs for client’s first go. I came to realise I had this “gift” when clients continually responded with comments like “WOW, I love it” and made no changes to the design – Every.Single.Time.

The results we’ve achieved for our clients have meant that we’ve grown quickly, and our team has expanded to include copywriting and online marketing.

Hat Trick #3

And to complete the hat trick, I was then asked to be featured on the cover of the first issue of the WBS magazine along with a cover story! Woo hoo!

This all came about when my partner and I, decided it was time to start showing up instead of hiding behind our computer screens. We began networking with a select few groups, spent many hours building relationships with the members of these groups, and we’ve been rewarded for our efforts immensely!

So 2017 has proven to not only be a surprising year, but a huge leap forward in our business. And we’re only halfway through the year! It goes to show that a lot of hard work, good branding and smart networking can open exciting doors and expand your business.

If you would like help with your branding or online presence, we would love to help you see some ‘hat tricks’ for your business too. Contact us!

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