Domestic Violence Service Management

DVSM offer support and accommodation services to women and children experiencing or escaping domestic violence. Their services span across NSW, and include inner city support services, refuges and after hours service in Western Sydney and safehouse and support services in far west NSW.


The Challenge

DVSM, a website aimed at providing information to clients and potential clients, was facing significant issues with user experience and navigation.

The outdated interface made it difficult for visitors to find the information they were looking for. As a result, the website failed to attract partners for project work and secure additional funding.




The Objective

The primary goal of the project was to revamp the website to improve its usability and navigation.

The aim was to make it easier for users to find the desired information and create a more modern and engaging interface. 

By achieving these objectives, the website sought to attract partners for project collaboration and generate increased interest for funding opportunities.


The Solution

To address the challenges faced by the DVSM website, a comprehensive redesign and restructuring plan were implemented. The following steps were undertaken:

  1. User-Centric Redesign: The website underwent a complete redesign with a focus on user experience. A user-centric approach was adopted to ensure intuitive navigation and seamless information retrieval. Extensive research and analysis were conducted to identify user preferences and expectations.
  2. Streamlined Information Architecture: The website's information architecture was reorganised to provide clear and logical pathways to different sections and content. A well-defined navigation menu and user-friendly search functionality were implemented to enable visitors to quickly find the information they needed.
  3. Modern Interface Design: The outdated interface was replaced with a modern and visually appealing design. Aesthetically pleasing layouts, typography, and color schemes were carefully selected to enhance the overall user experience. Attention was given to responsiveness and compatibility across various devices and screen sizes.

“Launch Digital not only interpreted the vision we had for a new website for our not for profit, but created something even better than we had envisaged”

I absolutely recommend Launch Digital to anyone looking to create a fresh website. Tina and Kristine made the process so enjoyable - from our initial ideas to completion of the project and launch of the new site.

No request was out of the question, or too hard. Launch Digital not only interpreted the vision we had for a new website for our not for profit, but created something even better than we had envisaged.

We now have a clear easy to use website, that is not only beautiful to look at, but more importantly easy to navigate for those who use our services.

Thank you for your patience as growth within our organisation meant the the project grew. Sincere thanks for all of your hard work creating a wonderful website for DVSM, we are so appreciative!

Kate Hurley
Marketing, Communications & Development Manager
Domestic Violence Service Management

The Results

The revamp of the DVSM website yielded significant improvements in user experience and navigation, resulting in several positive outcomes:

  1. Enhanced User Experience: Visitors to the website reported a noticeable improvement in usability and ease of finding relevant information. The streamlined navigation and intuitive interface contributed to an overall positive user experience.
  2. Increased Partner Interest: With the improved website design and user experience, DVSM witnessed a surge in partner interest for project work. The clear pathways to information and the modern interface played a crucial role in attracting potential partners.
  3. Improved Funding Prospects: The revamped website successfully generated increased interest from potential funders. The enhanced user experience and the ability to locate relevant information efficiently helped build credibility and trust, positively impacting funding opportunities.


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