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We are a highly experienced and capable firm of construction professionals, focussed on bringing about exemplary results for our clients – hence our new name.


The Challenge

Exemplo Constructions, a leading construction company, recognised the need for a new website to align with their vision of delivering excellence.

The website needed to adequately showcase their capabilities, in a unique and modern design. The primary objective was to create a website that portrayed professionalism, reflected their expertise, and assisted in winning tenders.




The Objective

The goal of the project was to develop a new website for Exemplo Constructions that would serve as a powerful marketing tool.

The website aimed to present the company as a professional and reliable construction partner, highlighting their expertise, capabilities, and successful projects. By achieving this objective, the website sought to enhance Exemplo Constructions' brand image and increase their chances of winning tenders.


The Solution

To address the challenges faced by Exemplo Constructions, a comprehensive website development strategy was implemented, focusing on the following key aspects:

  1. Modern Design: The new website was designed with a contemporary aesthetic, employing visually appealing layouts, high-quality imagery, and a consistent colour scheme. The design elements were carefully selected to reflect professionalism, reliability, and excellence.
  2. Showcasing Capabilities: The website prominently showcased Exemplo’s capabilities and expertise through engaging content and visually compelling project portfolios. Case studies also effectively demonstrated their proficiency and track record.
  3. User-Friendly Navigation: A user-centric approach was adopted to ensure easy navigation and effortless information retrieval. Intuitive menu structures and clear call-to-action buttons were implemented to guide visitors through the website seamlessly.
  4. Mobile Responsiveness: Recognising the importance of mobile devices in today's digital landscape, the website was optimised for mobile responsiveness. It provided a consistent and engaging user experience across various devices and screen sizes.

“The Launch Digital team were very engaged, accessible, responsive, and easy to communicate with”

The quality of the work was excellent.

Tina and team were very engaged, accessible, responsive, and easy to communicate with.

The website was done very professionally, and we have been able to work through every element smoothly, until we got the result we were happy with.

If you are looking for something modern and unique, we would highly recommend Launch digital

Shanthi Adaikalavan
Business Manager
Exemplo Constructions

The Results

The development of a new website for Exemplo Constructions yielded several positive outcomes, contributing to their objective of winning tenders and enhancing their brand image:

  1. Professional Online Presence: The modern design and professionally curated content helped Exemplo Constructions establish a strong online presence. The website portrayed them as a reliable and competent construction company, instilling confidence in potential clients and tender evaluators.
  2. Increased Tender Success: The revamped website played a pivotal role in improving Exemplo Constructions' chances of winning tenders. The showcased capabilities, project portfolios, and user-friendly navigation provided a persuasive platform for potential clients to evaluate their expertise and select them for projects.
  3. Enhanced Brand Image: The new website positively influenced Exemplo Constructions' brand image, aligning it with their vision of excellence. The professional appearance and user-friendly experience helped build credibility and trust among stakeholders in the construction industry.


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