Hotline IT

Servicing businesses with their Business IT needs across Australia and New Zealand.

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The background

Hotline IT has been providing Business IT Support for over 20 years. They had a website redesign 12 months prior, however, it looked dated and wasn’t reflective of the forward-thinking, customer-centric business that they were. Hotline IT were growing, and so the website needed to reflect the new goals of the business and the target audience.

The project

Sticking to the branding guidelines, we had to develop a design that focused on user experience and conversion. It was also important to emphasise how many years Hotline IT had been in business, as this experience was a unique selling point for the company.

The result

Hotline IT now has a website that functions as a powerful communication tool that attracts new visitors regularly.

Since the launch of the new website, the bounce rate has dropped significantly which indicates that the visitor finds the information on the website relevant and is intrigued enough to further research the company.

Since we began an SEO strategy for Hotline IT, we've seen an increase of 159% in desktop users and 195% in mobile users. We've also seen an increase of 177% in new users.

Hotline IT browser home page view

Decreased bounce rate by 42%

Hotline IT iPad home page view
Hotline IT iPhone home page view
Hotline IT iPhone services page view

Mobile page views up 195%

The website build with Launch Digital was a very easy process. We also now have a much better understand of our website traffic and what pages people are looking at. We’ve happily referred work to Launch Digital, as they provide a great service.

Michelle Joosse