Universal Time

Importer of high quality employee time clocks.

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The background

Universal Time Recorders have been a trusted importer of high quality employee time clocks for over 30 years. The team at Universal Time felt it was time to take their business to a new level with an online store.

The project

The business had hit a milestone in business so it was important to highlight them as a trusted provider. It was also important to find a balance between making it easy for time-poor customers to quickly find the product they need to reorder and those customers who were visiting for the first time and were looking for more information.

We’ve also started a targeted SEO campaign to increase traffic and conversions.

The result

Since launching the new website we've been able to increase the amount of time visitors spend on the site. We've also seen an increase of 42% in sales since starting the SEO campaign.

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68% increase in new website visits

universal time home page ipad view
universal time home page iphone view
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100% increase in mobile users

We’ve had so many compliments about our new website, but best of all we’ve seen an increase of 42% in online sales since starting SEO. This has us excited about the future of our business.

Nick Antic